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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Miasta w Polsce

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@Saskia: happy to see you here!
and hop hop hop ladies!!! do not let the guys take off so high!
I guess Bluesteel and Panda's next destination will be Poland!
Thanks a lot !!!! but you are great !!! really great !!!!
Maybe tomorrow i'll try to improve but it's very difficult !!!
@Panda Well done! Your score is improving rapidly, you'll soon overtake me...

@Sebik Player inusia has got 114 096 just over 114 000. But how they did it I don't know, I'll never get that far!
bluesteel i think 114 000 is the limit of possible score
@Panda Thanks! I'm trying for 112,000|#plus#| but although I can now do the locations my speed of reaction just isn't fast enough.
SUPER !!!!
Yes its a difficult map.
And I played here for maybe 2 years ago.
I only played for about ½ hour so far so you are right Panda.
It needs patience :)
this is a very difficult map !!!!!
it needs work and patience !!! yesterday i told very bad words against it ....but today i have fun to play here !!!
Thank you Sebik :)
Yes you are right about many names where letters are missing.
But even if those were there I would have problems anyway ;)

Some of the south east and south west cities is impossible for me.
I go to the wrong south side all the time.
There is no 50 % chance for me.
There is only 100 % wrong.
thanks for your welcome !!!!
You're right the mistakes are really clamorous , i wrote to the site Adm............but !!!!
you've done really a GREAT score !!!!
I think it's near the top for a non polish player !!!!!!! sure your score is out of my possibilities !!!
Welcome all players in my country (I live in Rzeszow :)). grumer this isnt strange names but there are mistakes in great majory of this names. Year before it was ok but now there are lots of mistakes for examples.
Grrrrrr! No matter how much I play I always get mixed up between Lubin and Lublin, and it often ruins what would have been a better score!
Hey Panda... Thanks, Well I know the jr map quite good.
And I been here before.
But I guess it takes a while before I learn all these strange names again.
I have difficult for the south parts on this map.
Hy Grumer
this is a great map for you .
Good luck !!!!
if i can give you a suggest...........it's better to play, before , the junior map.
Good luck !!!!
@ma67x: je plaisantais..., mais il est difficile, et je n'ai pas 1 semaine, je pars jeudi pour la côte atlantique!
Looking lovely ladies :) Let the scoreboard do the talking, good luck, this looks tricky!
c'est pas un jeu pourri !!
tu as 1 semaine pour ameliorer ton score
Well done snowwhite!
Hello challenger friends, happy to see you here, but... what a difficult game! As you say, very strange names.

@ma67x: c'est toi qui a proposé ce jeu pourri??
okay, that's it for now, going to watch the final now ...Go Germany go ! :)) ( @bluesteel: the website obviously is not capable of using Polish letters anymore therefore those are missing and the result is quite strange city names, my best from 3 years ago here is 110|#plus#| and i hope i can reach it again)
Thanks Snowwhite. I've done better on this map before. But now most of the names seem to have changed, it's like beginning all over again!
Thanks LeeranerJung and Panda: but I was lucky, I got all the 20 cities that I know. I am happy and surprised!
@bluesteel: YES!!! Great great great!
same phenomenon here as on the Swiss map: 2 new cities after 4 hours of playing, crazy
@ Snowwhite !! I agree with Leeraner !!!! from 42 k to 102 k in a few minutes.......wow !!!!
Great score, snowwhite !!!
you're right !!! there are a lot of mistakes in these maps , some polish players agree with you and also me too.
Sure there are cities names without first syllable and other ....we , like Suggestions club , will write to the site Adm.
It's hard map for everybody, it's not polish words so hard to guess about what the city comes. Good luck
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