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11ème de la semaine
5ème du jour:je suis sur le podium!
Sanque iou Mouska
et Sanque iou pour 2013 itou
Best wishes and Happy New Year 2012 to all the players!
Thanks Grumer!
Don't accept yet that you reached your peak...
I'm sure that your reaction time will improve shortly.
It happens to me sometimes for no reason in particular.
So it's nice to change the scenery for a little while...
Have a good day and see you in Poland!
Those numbers really imprest Mouska.
Maybe I have to accept that I reached my peak on this map.
My reaction time is bad at the moment, I dont know why.
But, I wont give up yet.
But your new highscore really impress on me.
Congratulations Mouska.
And U see......I told U on my last review :)
WOW! 1 km and 2.2 sec. I almost can't believed this!!
Thank you very much Grumer for wishing me good luck and hope I would become number 1 by tomorrow, 'cause I think I received your vibes and they certainly help me make this unbelievable score! It's frankly and simply magical!
Mouska. :)))
It's incredible how much precision I can lose after a night of sleep. It took me more than an hour to get it back! Then be precise and fast enough to make a better score... That's another story. I surely will try, but it's harder and harder at this point... See U soon my favorite opponent!
Well.....Mouska, Today wasnt a good day on the maps. I simply cant reach our highscores on this map today, I reached 106 750 as the best. I have to blame it on the beers from the bowling yesterday :) The bowling wasnt that good either. A couple of strikes. But between those it was many mistakes. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Good luck Mouska. I hope U are number 1 when I enter the maps tomorrow evening.
OH BOY! Some cities are seriously getting on my nerves........
Thank you dear Grumer for your kindness towards me! I sincerely appreciate our friendly exchange of messages. Same, same for me! Without U, I wouldn't be where I am... I really feel the same way, for sure you make me work harder and try my best to become a better player.
Oh! This is good news that a while means a very short while...lol It's always fun to play bowling and I'm guessing you scored many strikes... 'cause over here you certainly do...
Thanks Mouska....... To leave the game a while I only meant a couple of hours:) Its not that Im going to stop playing for weeks or even days. I been in the neighbour city tonight and playing bowling. I dont leave this map until I get those points that I know Im capable to produce. And I just love this cat and rat fight that U and I have here :) Without your existence I would´nt have those points I have. As I said before..... U push me to become better Mouska.
Hello! Grumer. Fabulous score!!! I'm sad already that you have to leave the game... I hope it's for a short while and not a long long while! Are you leaving for another game or for more important matters in real life? Do not want to be indiscreet and I understand how it can be hard to find time to play, 'cause we all have busy life. No worry, U don't have to answer, I'm just curious! And it's so true, there is a few cities that are like couples and they can easily destroy our game.
Anyways, you are still the Champion of the day! Thank U for your nice reviews! I had a lot of fun playing and reading... Have a great time in or with everything you have to do and see U soon! ;) :)
Mierda... Gaah. How I hate some cities in this country. Funny points Mouska, (91-19). Those "Bystrice" cities or whatever the name is is NOT good, I pick the wrong one every d*mn time. Impossible. And its sad when I have something good going on and cities like that destroy everything. Well...U dont have to reach much higher Mouska:)
Now I have to leave the game for a while:) It will be fun to see how much U are ahead of me next time I enter the map:) Good luck Mouska.
Champion.....Thats U my friend:) How did U do that ?
That score is crazy. I need 1200 points better then before....uuuhhh:)
Im happy for U Mouska, and its fun that U push me to become better. U are the queen as well as the star where ever I play against U:)
And I like it....I like to have something to aim for.
Thanks Mouska.
Now I have to work on my precision :)
Hey Champion! Pleasant surprise for me too! It's a real pleasure to be your friend. :) Like I said before in Pakistan, you're a kind person and also very funny. :) I'm glad we are having this nice duel. The cat may catch the mouse... Or the mouse may escape... Who knows? Clearly, it's exciting to find out what will happen next...
Congratulations Grumer!!! So... Now, I'll go work on my precision...
Hey Mouska...What a pleasant surprise it was to come back to the map today. Great score Mouska. Well Im not surprised by the way. I expected something like this:) So....... Now its gonna be exciting to see what I can remember from yesterday. Its great and fun to have U as a opponent and friend.
Well, well!!! AMAZING! The wheel turned around... Now, I admire you, my dear Grumer! You just did a fantastic score! By the way, you assumed the right city of course, I only knew the city of Prague. Somehow, I was sure you would reach higher, what a success!! I'm happy for you. It seems like you are my opponent of choice... I will certainly try again, but it's a difficult task... Congratulations Grumer! You deserve it!
Mouska. :)
Ok, that was a lucky one...I got great cities all over the game.
Mouska.......Now I understand what U have done:)
U need mr Leer or someone as your opponent if U want a match on this map.
There is always some strange city, often with a tall name that ruin my games.
I admire your memory Mouska.
Amazing !
MN 9101 >>>>Thank U:) Hmm, I played like a freak for about 2 hours yesterday.
Mouska >>>> Well if U only knew 1 city (Prague I assume) its very very good score from U. Well its good no matter what. I knew about 5-10 cities before I played yesterday. And I agree with U, very difficult to learn some cities in this country. And thanks for your kind words Mouska, I will try to reach higher.
Thank you Admin for this new game of Cities of Czech Republic! It's very interesting and l agree with Banshee, It's an excellent game!
Good luck everyone and have fun playing!!
Hi! Grumer. You did a great score, 'cause all day you were my reference... I knew only one city in this country and I have to say it's been really hard to learn these cities. I even taught I could'nt make it. I'm happy I did! I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted!!! See U my friend, take care and good luck!
Mouska. ;)
Grumer...already???? You are amazing...
Excellent game! ;)
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