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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Prefectures of Japan

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And you also Panda, you're very strong, I think, you can to do a lot of more !
You are GREAT !!!!!! OVER 177k !!!!
Dear Kyzo she's Japan's Queen !!!!! no doubts !! but also you're great !!!
Beautiful duel point by point between Marietyrol and jjlg !!!!
Magnifique chrysss, tu tiens la toute grande forme cette semaine, je me demandais une chose, qui a le meilleur score sur ce jeu, je pensais que c'était toi après tes 177,2k mais non, il y en a encore un autre plus rapide, mais qui ?????
Oups, maintant ca se voit...
(Tout bas): Jjlg, redépasse-moi vite, je vais me faire repérer!
Hello, chrysss, tu vas t'arrêter où comme ça, plus on se rapproche de toi, plus tu prends la poudre d'escampette !
Je reviens plus tard dans l'apm, je ne peux jouer pour le moment, soucis avec le câble qui va de la tour à l'écran avec les phases bleus de chaque côté, je dois le changer car c'est irréparable !
Chuuuut Jjlg!
Je vois Marie qui s'approche à pas de velours !
Coming like a cat without any noise but climbing surely the mountain!
I must hurry up to go further!
Unfortunately, i havent got any time free to play this weekend
Yes !!!! this time i wave white flag !!
Maybe later i'll try but you and Chrysss are too fast !!!!! great !!!!!
But the most important thing is the great friendly fun among us !!!!!!
By the way.........i don't make harakiri.......ah!ah!ah!
Thanks for the responses!

I just think if you had a touch screen with a thin stylus you could probably get really high scores. But you are guys are amazing with your mouse. Mouse ninjas
Qui va piano, va sano! lol
Pas génial, mais je prends mon temps!
Bravo les AV
@Panda, France 1 Italia - 0 ! Lollllll
Yeeeesssssssssss !!!!
Si seulement j'avais anticipé la dernière, j'aurais été tout près de toi Chrysss, mais j'ai eu peur que ce n'était le bon lieu !
@ bboytrippin
I use an ordinary mouse. Why ? Do you think it's better with a touch screen computer ?
bboytrippin , i use an ordinary mouse and it's hard life to progress
Hi panda, it'll be for this weekend !
See you later and very good weekend....
i don't know my friends , but i use a simple mouse.....an optical fast mouse...not sure touch screen !!!
Super Chrysss !!!!!!!
Bravissimo Kyzo !!!!!!
Sorry !! but i've only a few minutes......i cannot play today !!!
Bonne chance AV and Challengers !!!!
Youhouuuu Panda, where are you ! Lollll
The psicologic war is really started, go France, yessss, lollllllll !!!!!
Salut Chrysss, magnifique score, impossible d'aller techercher tout là haut ! Bravissssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiimoooooooooooo
I can't believe it, I have beaten my best score !
are you guys using touch screen computers? If not, I got mad respect for you and your clicking skills!
Bravo chrysss !!

I reached twice over 159K , that's a big progress for me
Thanks Panda and Antoinette, it is very nice of you ! I'm sure you can do better as well !
coucou,kyzolive!quel plaisir de lire les commentaires de chrysss;bravo,chrysss!
Welldone Chrysss !!!! of course you are the best here !!!!
Yes Kyzo !!! you are fighting like a true bretonnée !!!!
But my little italian country is Romagna !!!! we are super strong !!!
Tomorrow Panda, kssssiiiiiiiiiiii, Grrrrrrrrrrr . Loll
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, harrrrrrrgggggggggggggg !!! Lollllllllll
Sorry Kyzo !!!!!!
PANDA IS HERE !!!!!!!!
This is the right way !!!! friendly competition between FRIENDS !!!!!
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