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The news

"Cities of Brazil" is open to all players


The game is now open an free for all! Learn and play with the 87 main "Cities of Brazil".

New Game:
Cities of Brazil

Special Brazil Fifa World Cup 2014!

Geography map games Cities of Brazil

Learn and play with the
87 main cities of Brazil.



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= 2015-04-14T19:41:22+02:00
Geography map games
Finally, I know all Oceania countries ..hell yea :))
= 2015-04-07T13:26:31+02:00
Geography map games
I love the games here :3
helps me challenge myself to get better scores
= 2015-03-22T03:09:30+01:00
Geography map games
This is my favorite game in this world : ) :) : )
= 2015-03-20T16:48:16+01:00
Geography map games
this game is fantastic
= 2015-03-05T19:28:48+01:00
Geography map games
geography map games is one of my best games
= 2015-01-07T18:45:55+01:00
Geography map games
= 2014-12-24T18:46:01+01:00
Geography map games
what are your favorite games?
= 2014-12-15T16:31:44+01:00
Geography map games
strangely enough my post has vanished!!
Wonder why......obviously do not like criticism!
= 2014-11-24T20:59:20+01:00
Geography map games
Sorry challengers, something with my computer went wrong!!!!!! The last message was copy of one sent on the french site, how it appeared here, I don?t know! please forget it!

Ne considérez pas mon message precedent, une erreur de mon ordinateur à envoyé un message destiné au site français.

The message I wanted to send is the following:

Results for mini-tournament:
1) Tunisia: 4
2) Switzerland: 7
3) Cities of the world 9

The winner? cities of the world jr, until Thursday 27th at 21H
Le gagnant est: villes du monde jr. Jusqu?à jeudi 21H

Enjoy the games ? bons jeux

= 2014-11-23T20:58:00+01:00
Geography map games
Hello challengers,

Next mini-tournament will be from tomorrow, monday 24th, at 21H, to thursday 27th at 21H, with following choice:

1) French site: Cities of Tunisia (with a thought for the election;
2) French site: "francophonie", "Suisse" Geo Physique (with a thought the swiss victory of the Coupe Davis)
3) English site: cities o the world jr. (always of actuality)
votes open until tomorrow 21H
Le prochain mini-tournoi est programmé du lundi 24 nov 21H au jeudi 27 nov. 21 H, avec les choix suivants:

1) Site français: villes de Tunisie (avec une pensée pour les élections)
2) Site français: géo physique de la Suisse (avec une pensée pour la victoire de la coupe davis)
3) Site anglais: villes du monde jr (toujours d'actualité)

Les votes sont ouvert jusqu'à demain 21H

= 2014-11-04T12:39:59+01:00
Geography map games
Hi lovely geographymapgames-lovers...:3 So cool this site..:3
= 2014-09-24T19:25:04+02:00
Geography map games
its sooooooooooo easy
= 2014-09-23T16:20:15+02:00
Geography map games
Heeelloooo geography nerd friends! I love these games!!!!!
= 2014-09-17T22:57:25+02:00
Geography map games
hi everyone I <3 geography
= 2014-07-17T17:14:58+02:00
Geography map games
where is Mexico?Geography map games dont have Mexico!!!!
= 2014-07-03T18:50:56+02:00
Geography map games
Hi everyone! I <3 Goegraphy.
= 2014-07-02T02:20:52+02:00
Geography map games
was up guys
= 2014-06-25T21:43:57+02:00
Geography map games
Hi everyone. I live in Pennsylvania, just north of the capital city (Harrisburg).
= 2014-06-25T15:17:32+02:00
Geography map games
= 2014-06-19T17:15:04+02:00
Geography map games
qartveli ari vinme?
damimatet megobrebshi
= 2014-06-15T22:33:12+02:00
Geography map games
= 2014-06-08T11:34:22+02:00
Geography map games
Hello averybody :)
I like this pages :)
= 2014-06-05T07:09:21+02:00
Geography map games
Hallo Semuanya
= 2014-05-22T05:18:26+02:00
Geography map games
= 2014-05-19T11:48:46+02:00
Geography map games
= 2014-05-11T09:15:53+02:00
Geography map games
i love modifying my profile pic....
its awesome..
= 2014-05-07T14:43:45+02:00
Geography map games
the Arena is gone for now? Hope it will be a more general challenge that appeals to a greater amount of people Cities or Flags of the World, if not it would be rgeat to be able to chose the challenge. Thank you
= 2014-05-06T20:06:05+02:00
Geography map games
not as good as COD
= 2014-05-06T08:53:45+02:00
Geography map games
try to play slamdunk2014
= 2014-04-22T18:02:48+02:00
Your attention please! We present the 1st Clubs Challenge!
It will be on the game "Cities of the World" , Friday april,25 4:00 PM (GMT time)
Up to 6000 GEOz win for your club!

MORE INFOS HERE : http://www.geography-map-games.com/geography-games-Clubs-Challenge-_pageid314.html

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